Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birds and Books

I found a great art project idea from Blue Cricket Design...I love birds and my whole house is decorated with them. The tufted titmouse is a bird that reminds me of my father (may he rest in peace). It was a bird that he always liked...and after he passed I was constantly seeing them around me as if they were watching over me. I like to think that he still does. The raven is a very spirtually cool bird. There is plenty of Native American lore attached to her. The truthseeker, the trickster, keeper of secrets, death, metamorphosis, a creature of change and strength. Either way, she provides a striking image, especially when viewed against the snows of winter...or in this case...the pages of a book.  Thank you Blue Cricket Design for the idea.


  1. I love this - so pretty. What book did you use?

  2. I used some poetry, religion and Zen books. I found them at a thrift store...I couldn't tear up my own books :-). I was mindful of what I used though.

  3. Thanks so much for commenting on my Mod Podge table and for letting me know about this project...I just love the look of the birds on the background of book pages. Beautiful.
    Take care,