Monday, February 13, 2012

Making Music - Jello Box Maraca

Whether it is on the iPod, piano or the kazoo, one of our family's favorite things to do is listen to and play music together.  My little one is always creating new sounds with homemade maracas.  To make this maraca, you will need an empty Jello box, two cut up straws, brown craft paper, glue, pencil, twine and/or a Popsicle stick and embellishments.  

Trace each side of the Jello box onto the Kraft paper.  You will end up with 6 pieces.

Cut out the six pieces from the Kraft paper.

Fill the empty Jello box with the cut up straws.

Glue the Jello box shut.

Hold it for a few seconds to make sure it sticks.

Glue your pieces to the box.  We use Aleene's Tacky Glue for most of our craft projects. 

Embellish however you like.  You can tie a piece of twine around for a handle....

or glue a Popsicle stick to the back.


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