Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Craft Room

I have finally finished setting up my craft room.  I have graduated from a "Craft Closet" to a full craft room...hmmm...I wonder if I need to change the name of my blog.  Anyhoo...right now I am very into neutrals.  I find it incredibly relaxing and if I so choose, I can add a zing of ANY color whenever I want with a throw pillow or a picture.

I love having the bookcase right next to my crafting table ( husby made that bookcase for me).  I can just reach over and grab whatever I need.  I also enjoy having the desk right by the window.  We live on the White Oak Mountain Range and the view is very pretty.  I find lots of inspiration from the trees and birdies. 

Speaking of birdies...

Here is a closeup of my shelves (hmmpf...that box is NOT perfectly straight)!

This is Livinia and her pincusion....two just recently finished projects.

The dresser is great storage...and it hides cluttered supplies. 
I have a drawer for odds and ends, embroidery, sewing and paint.

I purchased the cabinet in the corner from Ballard Designs. 
It has caster wheels and a little pullout desk. 
The lamp is vintage and it has a matching table lamp on the other side of the room. 
You can't tell from the pic but it is hobnail milk glass...which I adore.

Awww....look who snuck in the pic.  That is Jake....and he is a sweetie.

Oooszhhhh a Boo cute!


  1. Lovely room Cheryl - and Jake matches everything! xx

  2. Your craft room is gorgeous! I love the black and white. Handsome Jake looks like such a sweetie, I love labs.

  3. So organized! I'm so jealous of those white boxes. I'd love to have all that space for crafts!

  4. What does "husby" mean? I think it means husband, is it right? If it's, I have to let my husband see your boxes :). I wish I could own such room.

    1. Lol...yes husby is a combination of the words husband and hubby :-). I am very grateful to have the room...if I didn't have the space, I would use a closet or a corner and make it work. I used to just have a closet which worked quite well.